Achievements and Performance 2013

Time, Talents and Money 

Throughout 2013 we have heard the word Stewardship a lot and with that the instruction that our 
Trustees’ Report should include details on our Stewardship activities. Stewardship is not only about 
money but about using our time and talents too. We are blessed with a faithful congregation at 
Wrangholm and a committed Minister, Office-bearers and others who constantly give huge amounts 
of their time and talents for the benefit of the church and beyond. Our weekly worship is certainly 
our most important time together. It allows us to encourage and support each other as we worship 
throughout the year. Thanks to the excellent weekly Order of Service, prepared and printed for the 
congregation by our Minister we are not only guided through the service of worship but motivated 
by following the Pray without Ceasing and Bible readings that challenge, inspire and reassure us. 
This is key in allowing us to care about those in need – not only with words and prayers but with 
actions. Therefore it has been our privilege to use our time, talents and money to support the 
following worthy causes: 

Local Foodbank 

Our congregation has gladly donated each week throughout the year to the Local Foodbank. These 
foodbanks were started by the Trussell Trust whose goal it is for every town to have a foodbank. It’s 
terrible to think that every day people go hungry perhaps because of an unexpected bill arriving 
when you’re on a low income or because of redundancy or changes to benefits. These drawbacks 
are causing more and more people to turn to foodbanks for help and while it’s wonderful that this 
help is at hand, the recipients, who are directed to the foodbanks by the Social Services, must feel 
very depressed indeed finding themselves in this position. 

Water Aid 

Leading up to our Holy Week Services, our Lenten challenge was to take part in ‘Jars of Change’- 
putting some coins in a jar when you use water – for the purpose of supporting Water Aid. Water 
Aid’s vision is for a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation. ‘Jars of Change’ 
enabled our linked churches to donate generously to Water Aid. Some of the congregation thought 
up some good ideas to trigger their memory to put something in their Jar. Our combined donation 
was sent to Kampala. 

Tabeetha School, Jaffa 

During the month of May we had three retiring collections for our World Church contact, the 
Tabeetha School in Jaffa. The school has pupils from over thirty nations with a mixture of faiths and 
believe that it is through learning and working together, that nations can live together in peace. We 
received a lovely thank you letter from the Principal of the School to say that our donation would go 
towards the upkeep of the gardens and their new greenhouse. 

Christian Aid 

We always support Christian Aid and contribute in three ways. By donation during Christian Aid 
week itself, the Poverty Small Change Boxes and Quizaid. Quizaid has become a highlight in our 
church calendar – for both our churches. 

Cosy Café, Bellshill 

Earlier in the year a Cosy Café was set up in Bellshill Academy and each church within the Fraternal 
was invited to donate £50 for the supply of hot chocolate. This donation enabled the youngsters to 
have their first cup of hot chocolate free. Our Congregational Board was very happy to support this 
good cause. 

Glasgow City Mission 

For the past five years we have celebrated Harvest Thanksgiving by having a token display of harvest 
produce at the front of the church with an invitation to the congregation to give a monitory donation to Glasgow City Mission. Glasgow City Mission shows Christian care to vulnerable adults and children 
by fighting against poverty and disadvantage in Glasgow. 

Phillippeans Disaster 

During November, Typhoon Haiyan left terrible destruction across the Phillippeans. Millions of 
people had to leave their homes and many families were left with nothing. It was the very least we 
could do to have special collections over two Sundays - and as usual our congregation responded 

Poppy Appeal 

As ever, we support the annual Poppy Appeal and during the summer months planted ‘Seeds of 
Hope’ which, although not in full bloom on Remembrance Sunday, were a touching display that day. 

Save the Children 

It’s quite usual in the lead up to Christmas for our congregation to exchange cards with each other 
and these can add up to around 20 or so cards from each of us. Consequently, it was suggested that 
we send one card to the church and put the savings made into a donation box for charity. Most of 
the congregation took part and the cards were displayed on a lovely frieze in the church. This idea 
enabled us to send a donation to Save the Children. Save the Children saves their lives and fights for 
their rights. 

Women’s Aid 

Each December, together with our linked charge, we have a Gift Service where the children and 
adults of the congregation donate a new gift for other children who are less fortunate. These gifts 
are given to our local Women's Aid which works to end domestic violence against women and 
children. They are so grateful for these gifts and always send us a lovely ‘thank you’ letter. 


Shelter supports people living in bad housing and homelessness. We are glad to give our Christmas 
Eve offerings to this good cause. 

The Living Wage 

Not forgetting our own church staff – we pay the ‘living wage’ rate. 

Our Church in the Community 

During the year our Elders and Minister met to discuss the content of the Eldership Consultation 
Paper and how we would respond to the questions about the gifts, skills and experiences of being an 
Elder. We further had a joint meeting with our fellow Elders in our linked charge to talk about how 
an Elder can be an effective member of the Kirk Session. Additionally we were delighted when three 
of our Board members agreed to take on the training and the additional responsibility of the 

Our members of the congregation who are house-bound or in care are not forgotten. We make sure 
they receive a visit, get flowers, transport if necessary, and a helping hand is only a phone call away. 

Our Community Fellowship Group (non-worship) meets weekly and all in the Community are 
welcome. The group likes chatting, knitting, playing board games and in 2013 had outings to Balloch, 
Luss and Peebles, a trip to the Cinema and a very nice pre-Christmas lunch. Some of our friends from 
St John Bosco joined us for our outing to Peebles and it was lovely to have them with us. 

Back to Church Sunday 

Wrangholm had another Back to Church Sunday in 2013. We had a huge BTCS Banner on the front of 
the church building, balloons tied on the gates and a cheerful and bright Welcome Team on the door in their BTCS Tee-shirts. Back to Church Sunday hopes to attract people who are looking for a church that suits them or for those who used to attend church but haven’t attended for a long time. We had a small number who came back to church on the day, one person who has attended regularly since, and another who wants to be reinstated on the Congregational Roll. Many thanks to our BTCS Organiser and helpers. 

Bubble Gum and Fluff 

Our Minister and some volunteers from the Sunday School and Congregation again took part in 
Bubble Gum and Fluff at the local school. The purpose is to help children of Primary 6 age to uncover 
the deeper meaning of Christmas. It features games, sketches, drama, craft ideas, storytelling, songs 
and, I’m told, a Nutty Professor! Sounds like a lot of fun. 

Bereavement Service 

The Blue Christmas or Bereavement Service is one of our joint services with our linked charge and 
takes place on the first Sunday in Advent. Those bereaved in the community receive an invitation to 
attend. This special service is a touching and therapeutic time and always well attended. The 
content is well handled and caringly presented by our Minister. 

Bible Study 

The Bible Study Group continues to meet each week in the Manse and all are welcome to this 
popular gathering. 


Our Church Web Page is kept up to date by our web Editor and explains who we are and what we do. 
Our Achievements and Performance for the past five years are part of the content, as well as worship 
times and information about both churches. We know that members of the public actually look at 
our web page since we’ve had a few enquiries from this source regarding people, transfers, hall lets 

The Wrangholm Newsletter goes out to members and friends of the congregation four times each 
year and is a huge amount of work for the Editor. A real example of time and talents. 

As previously mentioned at the start of this report, our weekly Order of Service is hugely popular and 
useful to our congregation. As an example of its popularity, we often have requests from those going 
on holiday to save the back numbers so they can catch up on the ‘Thought for the Week’, ‘Daily Bible 
Readings’ and ‘Pray without Ceasing’. Many thanks to our Minister for this and the Editors of the 
web page and Newsletter. 

Fundraising for the Renovation of our Church Building 

Phase 2 of the 4 Phases of renovation to our church building is complete and the significant task of 
fundraising for Phases 3 & 4 has been ongoing all year. Our Social Committee has given a huge 
amount of their time and talents by organising various fundraisers. During 2013 we had a Spring 
Coffee Morning with Crafts, an Everlasting Table and a Home Produce Stall as well as two social 
evenings. There was great support from our local shops and hostelries who kindly donated to the 
social evenings and our congregation supported these events either by attending or giving a 
donation. The congregation also generously donated clothes to the ‘Rag Bag effort’. The donations 
were bagged and taken to one of many clothes banks in exchange for money per kilo. This was in aid 
of our church renovation and entailed a lot of heavy work for our Treasurer and her helpers – many 
thanks to them and those who donated to our refurbishment project. 

Our Organisations 

Our wonderful Sunday School Teachers look after nine children who attend Sunday school on a 
regular basis every week and they are thankful to have them there and for their guardians who want them to have a firm foundation for life through learning about our Lord Jesus Christ. The lectionary teaching for the children is provided through literature called ‘Spill the Beans’ which begins in Church with the Children’s Address by the Minister and then continues through prayer, storytelling, games and craft work within Sunday school. 

During 2013 the children enjoyed a bouncy castle and face painting day in the church hall and a 
McDonalds Happy Meal as a treat. At Christmas the children received a gift voucher and had a party 
to celebrate the start of the New Year. Both events were much enjoyed by all the children and their 
Teachers. The Teachers believe that as long as we have children coming along every week (no 
matter how few), our church will grow from strength to strength for the next generation at 
Wrangholm Kirk. 

Girls’ Brigade 

There are 30 girls of the Brigade who meet each week to work hard for the various badges that can 
be achieved. The Juniors, Explorers and the little Rosebuds thoroughly enjoy their time together 
each week and also have great fun at their summer camp each year. 

The Guild 

Guild meetings are open to all in the Community and a warm welcome is a guarantee. - Tea/Coffee, 
biscuits and home baking are a highlight of their meetings as well as the various speakers who 
provide the interest and laughter. The Guild faithfully attend World Day of Prayer each year and 
during 2013 donated to our church refurbishment project and Christian Aid from their funds. Many 
thanks to all the lovely people in the Guild. 

I believe this report shows that during 2013 we have indeed used our time, talents and money to 
help others and to help realise our vision of a new church centre here at New Stevenston: 
Wrangholm. We have lots more fundraising to undertake and we hope to, and are working towards, 
having a deeper involvement with our local community in the future. 

We are a living, caring Church at the centre of our communities. Sharing worship, offering support, 
giving a welcome and sharing the Good News of Jesus. 

Netta Lithgow 
Session Clerk