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Posted by Christine on 02/11/2014

I found the service this morning so moving. The minister made the Bible readings so relevant, the children's address captivated the children while also relevant to us adults and the hymns really spoke of God's love. I have been disillusioned of organised religion for some time butthank God that Wrangholm and the minister have helped me to remember what's important and to be aware of God's love love and presence .

Posted by Jenny Rankin on 10/01/2013

The Wrangholm Kirk pantomime in Dec '12 was a really good evening's entertainment and thanks to all those who took part in it. Special thanks to Agnes, for writing it. I know a lot of time and effort went into it. Special thanks to the Girl's Brigade and officers who entertained us after the panto, the singing was great and the dancing was spectacular...even though it was mainly done by Janet behind the audience trying to encourage the girls. I think the girls were a bit daunted, following the superstars of panto.

Posted by Lorraine Logan on 08/12/2012

Really enjoyed the panto on Friday. Fantastic fun.

Posted by Louise Barclay on 02/12/2012

Caryl and members, just a short note to say thankyou ever so much for a lovely moving service yesterday when my sister Gail and I joined you in memory of our mum 'Isabella Shiells'. Our grief is still so raw and it was a lovely fitting service for us to be able to join others. Caryl your words and story were so moving and yet uplifting as you shared 'hope'. I will treasure my dragonfly. God bless..

Posted by Margaret Mckirdy on 25/04/2012   Email

I was christened at the Kirk. I don't know the date, but it was not long after my birth in 1945. I lived at 4 Sunnyside Place, Holytown, then moved to 8 Castle Ave. Holytown. I now live in the U.S.A.

Posted by Kareen Amed on 06/01/2012   Email

Great Web site Steven and thanks to you my husband is part of the WWW. So good to see the photos of the Christmas Fayre I have such happy memories of previous Fayers at Wrangholm Kirk. I was trying to put names to the young folk in the pictures!!!! Good to see you and your wife and family so involved , May God's Richest Blessings continue with Minister, Kirk Session and Congregational Board in the year to come , with Christian love from both Paul and I xx

Posted by janet cole on 01/06/2011   Email

Hi I was married in the Church on 29th May 1968 - my maiden name was Mavor and I married Bruce Craig from Larkhall - we moved to South Africa in 1971 and I have returned to Scotland a few years ago and am living in Hamilton -

Posted by anne dickson on 09/03/2011   Email

christened at the kirk august 1948

Posted by Netta Lithgow on 13/12/2010   Email

Thank you Steven, our web page is shaping up nicely. We should try to arrange for some up-to-date photos of the Minister, Kirk Session and Board. Well done - a good effort!