June 2011 Newsletter


Are you taking part in our Bonnie Babies
competition to help raise funds for Christian Aid?

If you are - I wonder if you, like me, have been
having some difficulty when trying to identify and match our ‘Bonnie Babies’ to
their grown-up selves! 

It is indeed no easy task!

I find myself looking to the features of the faces
– to the eyes, the nose, the mouth, sometimes, if visible, even to the ears and
of course to the shape of the face. 

Believe it or not I have even found myself
scrutinising the adult faces for dimples to try and give me some sort of clue!

Some people do seem so obvious to me, Graham for
instance – only natural - but others are still a complete mystery to me and all
my efforts seem to no avail - I have yet to match even half of the Bonnie
Babies to their grown-up selves!!

But, trying this competition has brought one thing
home to me very clearly – and that is the importance of identity and having
identifiable characteristics!

In this instance, physical characteristics which
help to show others who we are, but what of our other characteristics can they
speak of who we are too?

Throughout this week I have been listening to some
of the debates at the General Assembly and constantly in those debates there
have been calls from the floor of Assembly for us as a church to have clear
identifiable characteristics, characteristics which would speak and show the
world around us who we are as a church and what we stand for in God’s world.

We have an identity as Christians.

We are called by God to have particular
characteristics – namely those of Christ, whom we are called to imitate in our

His characteristics were grounded in love and so
as Christians we are also called to love, to love God and love neighbour and
when we do and show God’s love to the world as an essential part of our being –
a defining characteristic - then we shall be showing our unique identity and we
should be easy to spot amongst the crowd!

Love and Blessings 


Good deeds don’t make
a Christian,

but a Christian does
good deeds.

As this article is being written the children are looking forward to
their trip to Culzean Castle on Saturday 11th June,
hopefully it will be a lovely sunny day and we can enjoy the
beautiful grounds after our tour around the castle.

Sunday19th June is our prize giving day and we hope that all the
Mum’s and Dad’s will come along to see their loved ones receiving
a prize for attending the Sunday School Session 2010 – 2011. 
The children will be singing songs, doing bible readings and saying
prayers for this service.

The teachers are all looking forward to a well earned break to recharge
their batteries.

We would just like to thank all the parents, guardians and congregation
for all their support and donations throughout the session and most
importantly for bringing the children to Sunday School to learn about
our Lord Jesus Christ. 

God’s blessings,
The Sunday School Teachers